Enrolment Information
Enrolment Information
Dates for enrolment of children who are eligible to begin school for the first time in the following year are announced in the Parish Bulletin, School Newsletter and also advertised in the Gippsland Times. Applications for enrolment should be made to the Principal. All applications are ratified by the Parish Priest and all parents are requested to bring their child’s Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate and Immunisation Certificate when enrolling.

St. Thomas’ delivers a comprehensive curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculum. Our students receive a solid grounding in English, Science, Mathematics, Humanities and The Arts.

St Thomas’ has a fully staffed Library and Computer Lab which ensures our students develop information and computer literacy.

Our Religious Education program is tailored to meet the faith level of each child. Prayer, Scripture, morals and Church tradition are taught during daily religious instruction.

St. Thomas’ students put their beliefs into action by assisting with community service projects such as Meals on Wheels.

When your child attends St. Thomas’ there will be assessments completed at the beginning of each year.

These assessments help teachers to tailor the curriculum to each childs ability level.

You are welcome to discuss the test and your childs results with any of our Prep teachers.

The assessments can assist with:

  • Assessing your childs progress in literacy, numeracy and phonological awareness
  • Providing data to show the areas in which your child is achieving or underachieving
  • Predicting future performance for students who might benefit from early intervention.


School Fees

Tuition, Curriculum and Activity Levies (Camps not included)

Capital Levy

Total Annual

Per Term

1 student: $1895 $230 $2125 $531.25
2 students: $2370 $230 $2600 $650.00
3 students: $2845 $230 $3075 $768.75

Fees are charged annually at the commencement of the school year with the option of paying in 4 Term Instalments. Direct Debit arrangements can be made to pay weekley, fortnightly or monthly instalments. Credit Card and Bpay facilities are also available.

Parents who have genuine difficulty with the payment of fees should contact the Principal as soon as possible to discuss alternate arrangements.