Learning & Teaching
Our Curriculum
The children at St Thomas’ are taught to be independent decision makers who care for one another, which is at the core of our School Vision. We are very proud of our school, and it is definitely a place where everyone is valued and respected.

St Thomas’ continues to thrive as a caring and innovative school that provides a challenging curriculum where children learn to become independent decision makers. Our school has seen a continued increase in enrolments which is due to teachers who spend many hours preparing work to cater for all individuals at their level of learning. We are fortunate to have detailed programs and individual learning programs for children who require assistance.

St Thomas’ has a strong Leadership Team who coordinate curriculum programs and keep the community up to date with important trends. We are lucky to have a vibrant and interested parent group who will help and support staff in their teaching.


Throughout the year the children attend excursions according to topics studied in the classroom. A permission form for children to go on excursions is sent home and parents will be given details of any excursion their children are going on beforehand. Students from Grades 3 to 6 attend a camp each year. In 2019 Years 3 and 4 will travel to Camp Coolamatong for an overnight stay, Year 5 students will travel to Gelantipy and Year 6 students will travel to Canberra.

Assessment and Reporting at St Thomas’ occurs each day. The introduction of Assessment Folders sees work samples and assessments collected each week. Discussions at planning meetings have allowed staff to be engaged in academic performance and plan how we can meet each childs needs. Providing children with interesting, relevant and challenging activities are the aim of each grade level. With the increase of data and comprehensive programs we have now a more effective way to monitor progress and plan for the future.

Class Parents (Mums or Dads) are very special people in our school community. They act as the link between the teacher, other parents, principal and the children of a particular class. At the beginning of each year parents volunteer to take on the role of Class Parent for their child’s class.

Parents are urged to nominate and participate in this very worthwhile program.

The role of Class Parents is to:

  • Welcome/farewell class families.
  • Invite parents to class Masses/Liturgies, as well as other class functions.
  • Help the teacher with excursions, craft and other activities.
  • Help to provide assistance to families in need.

Below is a link to further information for Parent Helpers.